The great wine regions of the old world form a formidable ring around the European Alps. This is where you will find the great vineyards of Burgundy, Alto Adige, Jura, Piedmont, Savoie and the Veneto just to name a few.

These regions, along with many others from all over the old and new world of wine fill our 400+ strong wine library at The Alps Wine Shop and Bar.

We believe strongly in the idea that wine should represent the place from which it was grown and the four seasons that pass through that place in a given year. We showcase vignerons who grow their fruit in a thoughtful way and who guide that fruit to bottle with the gentlest hand possible.

We have over 400 different wines to drink at our bar (or to take away), and there is always twenty wines available by the glass, as well as beers by the tap and tin alongside some hearty alpine snacks!

Keep climbing! We look forward to seeing you at The Alps soon.


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